01 December 2008


Thanksgiving holiday was a bit sad. Well, not a bit, it was sad. Sigh. I don't want to talk about it and dwell. Needless to say, we're still feeling the aftermath of it and I hope things will go back to normal soon. I'm glad Grandma was able to make it though. And the food was delicious and it was lovely being around family, of course. My dad's coworker made me a batch of her amazing peanut butter cookies which was nice!

These past few days my mind has been filled with thoughts of Christmas shopping. I really want to get something unique for my mum and dad. I don't want to get them what I always get them. I was browsing the Tiffany & Co. website and got some ideas. My dad loves beer so I thought these beer glasses would be nice for his bar counter. And I saw this pretty necklace for my mum but I really love the idea of getting her a bottle of nice wine with this pretty wineglass.

I've also hung out with Chelsea which was one of the greatest things to have happened recently. I really missed her! It's always so fun being around her because we just act silly and laugh alot. The first time we went to have coffee and just talked for a really long time outside the coffee shop about everything that has happened to us since we last talked. A couple of days later we went out for drinks and Isaac came, too. Her birthday is this weekend!

Other nice things:

  • New cupcake cookie jar
  • New book, Emmy and the Incredibly Shrinking Rat
  • Selling my DS Lite finally
  • Making extra money to buy an Iphone
  • Beautiful weather
  • Getting a Hello Kitty debit card

30 November 2008

Best fucking friends, it says.
I really wish I had a best friend so we could wear these.

28 November 2008

Today I did a little bit of Christmas shopping! I bought my brother a gift and I bought tiny Madison something, too! I really love it! It's an organic veggie crate, a non-toxic and environmentally friendly toy! I still need my parents and Becca and my love. Christmas shopping is so fun! Have you started yet? What are you getting your mums? I always get mine make-up but I want to do something different this year. Any ideas?