16 November 2008

Dear friends,
My internet connection has been driving me so crazy. Pages and photos aren't loading and I have to keep refreshing the page at least five times before they start to work. It gives me such a headache and makes me not want to be on the internet. Hopefully this will go away soon.

This week has passed by so fast. I've just been reading, listening to music, and spending time with Isaac. The other day we went shopping! A friend of mine who works at Banana Republic gave us a Friends & Family discount card to use at Old Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic. Sadly, Isaac couldn't find anything he liked at those stores but he did buy some really amazing shoes at Aldo. And I bought some pretty lingerie from Gap, a dress from Old Navy, and a lovely silk turquoise blouse from Banana Republic. It was the first time I went shopping in quite a long time. Usually I just spend my money on books and food. Pictures later, perhaps!

Speaking of, my sleepy-head boy is still sleeping at four o'clock in the afternoon and I wish he'd wake up soon because I miss him so.



Mila said...

I hope you'll be back soon, because i already am in LOVE with your blog!


Mari said...

Aw, thank you so much.
I don't think a slow internet would keep me from posting! I'll manage somehow! :)

The Izek Garcia Chronicles said...

ah!! i look gross!

Endofmarch said...

What a nice post! so simple, yet so beautiful.
My SleepyBear tends to sleep a lot too and he finds it funny when I end up waking him up because I miss him and I am bored.
I don't understand why he likes to sleep during the day :)
I hope your internet connection works soon so we can have more of your lovely posts!

Kat said...

internet sucks sometimes

cri said...

awh kute picture. my boyfriend likes to be lazy and sleep all the time! im a pretty light sleeper, so usually i just read while he naps :]

Mari said...

That's exactly what I do when Isaac sleeps! :)

Mari said...

It certainly does!

Mari said...

And thank you, endofmarch!
Sleepybear is such a cute nickname!