09 November 2008


I've got ideas in my head of paintings I'd like to do. Painting scares me to death! I've never tried it before but I need to start working on other things to put in my portfolio besides photography. I've also got ideas on illustrations and designs I'd like to print on some vintage linen cotton blend fabric I bought at a thrift store. I'm working on a painting right now of a sort of whimsical raindrop boy. I need to stop by an art supply store tomorrow to choose a color palette and buy some new paints. After it's finished, I'm going to try potato printing to print some designs on top of it. My other idea for a painting is still in the works so I'll keep it secret until I start on that but the idea is pretty cute. It'll consist of various sizes of canvases that'll go together.

I'm also very very excited that Unwed Sailor is going to play here again. I saw them in June and it was a dream come true and so so amazing. I'm really happy that I'll get to see them again. I'm looking forward to November 18th very much.


Endofmarch said...

I've been painting for a big part of my life and it still scares me most of the time. Maybe it is part of the creating process I don't know. But all your projects sound wonderful and i hope we will be able to see them one day. Good luck!

Mari said...

Thank you.
I will show them if I feel confident enough about them!