07 November 2008

photo by lullatone

That photo makes me smile alot! Looking at cute pictures always brightens up my day. Today I have to go in to work at four and I'm dreading it but only a little. I like spending time in the book-store even if I'm working. It only makes me sad that I won't see Isaac today. Earlier I stopped by the book-store to get Godiva hot chocolate and the new issues of Domino and Bon Appetit. It's the Thanksgiving issue of Bon Appetit which means pictures of delicious food and recipes! My grandparents always cook our Thanksgiving meal and while it's yummy, I've always wanted to make my own. A tiny meal for me. I have yet to do that though but perhaps this year. I have a few more hours until I have to go to work and I plan on laying in bed sipping the remainder of my hot chocolate and reading my new magazines. Perhaps a cigarette or two....or three...or four! I'm kidding, Isaac! I'm trying to not smoke so very much! And a little later, eating the pear and apple harvest bar I bought as well.

Yesterday I had a bit of a crying spell. I know why I was crying but I don't know why it happened so unexpectedly. There are so many things on my mind lately. I feel like I've been bottling it up. I don't like feeling this way. It brings me down and it's hard to get out of once it starts. I just have to keep reminding myself about the good things but even that is difficult when you're in a sorrowful state of mind.

Isaac and I were driving someplace yesterday night and saw a carnival close by my house. I want to go! I don't like rides at all...especially scary ones but I like carnival food like cotton candy & hotdogs & funnel cakes and I do like the merry-go-round and ferris wheel. And also, I finally lost my baby tooth! For some strange reason, it never fell out! And once my adult teeth started setting in, it was just pushed outward and had been quite bothersome for years but I never got it taken out. It's been loose for a long long time and it finally fell out yesterday after two days of me pushing it around. Perhaps that is why I'm so childish, I've had a baby tooth my whole life, twenty-one years!

I've been getting so many good books lately thanks to Bookmooch which was recommended to me by a friend from Livejournal. It's a wonderful site! I, myself, have twelve books to send out but I've been so low on money that I haven't been able to mail them. And I have a package to send to Meisha and a package to send to Brenna in Japan, but for the same reason, I haven't been able to mail those out either. It makes me sad. I applied for a part-time job at a library and I hope so much that I get hired because it's more pay and 30 hours a week working during the day which is perfect. Wish me luck!

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