25 November 2008


Today I woke up with a terrible terrible headache, so bad that I could barely walk for if I did my head would just start to pound more. So, I stayed in bed for a long time with Midori (my Macbook). When it finally went away I got up and started to wash my clothes. Practically everything was dirty! I love washing clothes and the way the laundry room smells when I do, like fresh cotton. And I like getting the clothes out of the dryer when it's super warm and hanging everything up and then my closet smells like fresh cotton. It's such a simple pleasure. It reminds me of Murakami. The men in his stories always enjoy cooking and housework. And classical music. Then I cleaned my room and took a hot shower and waited for Isaac to come.

I'm sad. My grandma was supposed to be here already but she got really sick and now she might not even come at all, not even for Thanksgiving! It's hardly Thanksgiving without her here! I was so looking forward to spending time with her and baking. I really hope she gets better so she can come. Otherwise, the rest of this week will just be awfully sad.

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